We hope that you are enjoying the summer holidays. We have an announcement that needs to be made.

In light of our Senior’s graduating, the place of Head Council Member has become vacant for the coming year. After discussing it between ourselves and taking this year’s Council’s opinions into consideration we are delighted to offer the position to Blaine Anderson.

Congratulations and please report to my office to receive your gold pin, Blaine.

Mr Harvey~

Hey all ~

To any people who are thinking of auditioning or anyone stumbling along this page at a later date we just want to say that we are shutting Dalton’s doors.

Not completely, we’re not shutting the rp down completely this time, we’re just turning it into a 1x1x1.

Both Admins of this group are starting new 40 hour a week jobs and we just don’t feel that we have the time or energy to keep up with a full group RP any more.

We hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone and we’d love it if you kept following us and enjoying our plots!

Bye guys!

Your Admin Team~

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Finn Hudson Audition Accepted!

Hey JJ! Welcome to the RP! Please send your Finn account into the main and make sure to read the new player checklist!

OOC Information:

Age (17+ only):
Activity level:
I work 31 hours each week, but I always have a day or two off, plus, I’m usually on after or before work. So I’d give it a +5 1/2 or a 6

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Dwight Houston » Sixteen » Jared Padalecki » Taken

» D.O.B: January 24th 1998

» Sophomore

» Windsor House

☑ - Determined
☑ - Protective
☑ - Fearless

☒ - Pushover for those he’s close to
☒ - Doesn’t show many emotions – but if you know him well you’ll be able to tell what he’s feeling.
☒ - Blunt

Marked the oddest member of Windsor, Thomas Dwight Houston takes pride in his Supernatural knowledge and stockpile of Holy Water and rock salt. While he seems a mess at times, his heart is always in the right place and he’s always watching over his house mates – hence the nickname of the “White Knight” that the twins gave him. While he plays the violin and sings very well, he doesn’t let anyone know; he doesn’t even care to be a Warbler and just walks away when he hears a song being sung in the hallways. Though life wasn’t always this easy, with his brother passed away and home life hard, Dwight (as he prefers to be called) always tries to look up and be positive. He’s also made it his mission to keep his loved ones safe so they wouldn’t have to go through the pain he did. He’s got two more years at Dalton Academy, and he’s determined to make them the best years he could – give or take a few accidents and savings along the way.

Ships: Dwight/Chemistry, Dwight/Supernatural

Anti Ships: Dwight/No Chemistry, Dwight/Forced, Dwight/Demons

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Just a quick note to our players;

Even while the admins are busy with family visiting etc, please do continue posting and interacting on the dash. We know that life is busy but we all try to get on for at least a few hours a day and in that time we need to get as much done as we can.

We are five hours ahead and post before others arrive, we expect that if you’re online and we’re not, you should still be posting. The dash is dead otherwise and that looks bad to potential applicants.

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Please Unfollow Logan Wright →

The player has failed to get in contact with us in the allotted time, Logan is now reopen for application.

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