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Please Unfollow Logan Wright →

The player has failed to get in contact with us in the allotted time, Logan is now reopen for application.

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The following people have 24 hours to either get in contact with the main or post sufficient activity onto their account. If they do not they will be removed and their character reopened.

Logan Wright (4 days)

Please note the the limit of activity has now been decreased to 3 days due to us being an active RP. We are sorry to inform the player that this is their last chance, if this happens again their character will automatically be reopened.

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Posted 4 days ago

The following player has 24 hours to either contact the main or resume normal activity before they are removed from the RP:

Logan Wright (6 days)

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Reed Van Kamp » Seventeen » Caleb Landry Jones » Taken

» D.O.B: February 3rd 1997

» Junior

» Windsor House

☑ - Accomplished artist
☑ - Loyal 
☑ - Compassionate
☑ - Skilled designer

☒ - Clumsy
☒ - Bashful
☒ - Lacks confidence in himself
☒ - Unsure of his sexuality

 Hailing from New York City, and heir to his mother’s fashion empire, many people have had their precognitions about Reed. All of them are false. He is not the typical snobby rich kid that eats up any media attention they can get — quite the opposite, actually. His whole life, he has shyed away from the spotlight, and has always been very modest about his talents concerning art, fashion design, and singing. With his mother constantly nit-picking him, it’s expected for the poor boy to have low self-confidence. So, when he finally rebelled against the almighty Hilde van Kamp and told her he wanted to attend Dalton Academy, suffice it to say she was surprised. Hell, even he was surprised. Reed had never stood up for himself in that manner; he was always the quiet, sensitive boy that cringed at her every word of criticism towards his hair, his clothes, his lack of height… He needed to get away from her, and her determination to mold him into the man she wanted to carry on her fashion legacy. Upon his arrival at Dalton Academy, he soon realized that he could finally be himself, and not have to worry about what his mother would say when he chose to paint instead of attempt to sew. Though, he is still very much unconfident, he puts his heart and soul into his paintings and his performances with The Warblers. And, after years of feeling as though he didn’t fit in, Reed finally found his home at Dalton.

Ships: Reed/Male, Reed/Female, if there’s chemistry, Reed/art.

Anti Ships: Reed/unhappiness, Reed/forced.

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Please Unfollow Sebastian Smythe →

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24 hour warning for:

Sebastian Smythe

We’ve noticed that you haven’t posted on Sebastian for over a week now and that really isn’t acceptable. We accept that it’s slightly our fault - our internet has been spotty all week so activity has been down on the dash. However all other players including ourselves have managed to get on the dash at least a little and there have been starters posted that you could reply to…

Please either get in contact with the main to request a hiatus or pick up your activity in the next 24 hours, if you don’t your role will be reopened. 

Thank you!

Your Admins ~

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Please follow Sebastian Smythe →

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Please like this post if you’re still with us, you have 24 hours to do so or you will receive a warning from the admins.

Once you have liked this post, please resume usual activity on the dash, as you know, one post a day doesn’t count as activity so make sure to keep it up and to keep the dash moving, even if we’re not around!

-Admin L

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Sebastian Smythe Audition Accepted

Welcome to the RP, Adrian! Please read the New Player Checklist and the Here’s What You Missed pages before sending in your account to the main!

OOC Information:

Name/Alias: Adrian
Age (17+ only): 18
Timezone: EST
Activity level: 7/10 (school slays me)

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